Promoting Children’s Learning Development Stages in Teaching Numeracy

In order to deliver high-quality classroom learning process of numeracy, teachers need to understand the content that they are teaching and how children learn so that they will be able to determine meaningful tasks and strategies that can improve children’s learning. This course will focus on facilitating teachers to have better understanding of how children learn based on their learning development stages, particularly on learning about number. Number is chosen as the specific content due to the fact that it is the foundation for learning mathematics and number sense has been considered as one of important mathematical concepts in 21st century K-12 education.

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The talk is a part of the Open Education Design Workshop 2019 event filmed and produced by Videolectures.NET.



Cici Tri Wanita is an education enthusiast with with a track record of initiatives in promoting growth in people and working on educational project development and implementation.


Nurbiha A SHUKOR

Nurbiha A Shukor is a Senior Lecturer and a BLOSSOMS Manager at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia where she coordinates and manages the development of Blended Learning Open Source Science and Mathematics Studies (BLOSSOMS) lessons emphasizing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subject.