The project is about Mliteracy toolkit which promotes access to social publishing for mobile enablers, facilitators, librarians and others. This toolkit is for those who believe that mobile devices, if used appropriately, can open a range of new reading opportunities. The toolkit needs to be packaged and accompanied by an online (but mobile friendly) equivalent, that gives participants the opportunity to remotely demonstrate, using badges, what they are able to do with mobile phones and digital reading resource.

Project resources are available at:


Derek Moore

Derek Moore has a Masters degree in computer assisted education from the University of Pretoria and is currently working as an independent consultant. His experiences are in the field of technology enabled learning. Over the last 20 years, his focus was particularly on the development of digital capacity amongst educators, professionals and academics. He worked in higher education, first with UKZN and, more recently, at Wits with professional bodies such as CHE and LIASA, schools in South Africa and the UK and a range of NGOs.


Lance Eaton

Lance Eaton is the Associate Director of Learning Design at Brandeis University. He teaches part-time at North Shore Community College and Southern New Hampshire University on popular culture, technology and society, history, and literature. He is currently working on his PhD in Higher Education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston where his research focuses on academic piracy and access to research literature. He has earned degrees in history, criminal justice, American studies, public administration, and instructional design. He has worked on open education in his courses and on the different campuses to which he has worked. He is also the Executive Secretary of the Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA).


Sandhya Gunness

Sandhya Gunness is an open and online learning lecturer at the Centre for innovative and Lifelong Learning, University of Mauritius. She believes that her expertise in e-learning, experience in designing, implementing and conducting online courses and knowledge of innovative approaches to content design and delivery make a big difference. Carrying out highly interactive online tutoring and training with easy to use, practical resources, tools and techniques, she gives immediate advice on ongoing issues and use situated learning techniques that are pertinent to the target audience.