Teaching Language and Communication
to Children with Hearing Impairment

In this project I would like to develop OER content about developmental stages of language, principles, methods, techniques of teaching language, methods of teaching literacy to children with hearing impairment.


Sharmishtha Oak, OE4BW mentee

Sharmishtha Chinmay Oak

Mrs. Sharmishtha Chinmay Oak is an Academic Associate and Co-ordinator of B.Ed.Spl.Ed. program at Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, Maharashtra. She is pursuing Ph.D in Special Education from University of Mumbai. Her topic for Ph.D. is ‘Effects of Scaffolding Strategies on reading Comprehension of Children with Hearing Impairment’. She is having 17 years of experience in the field of special education of children with hearing impairment. Her area of interest is linguistics and issues of hearing impaired children related to linguistics and literacy. She has belief and passionate about the smart teaching and using technology in teaching in today’s educational world. She has attended two workshops on development of MOOCs.


Daksha Patel, OE4BW mentor

Daksha Patel


Rohan Vilas Mamta Gavankar

Dr Rohan Vilas Mamta Gavankar is an Assistant Professor at the VIVA College, Virar West, affiliated to University of Mumbai, India. He obtained a PhD in Botany at the University of Mumbai. His area of interest includes research and developing OER for quality education.